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Our Peanuts

It doesn’t matter if you have a great team or a wide distribution network, if your product is of low quality. At Mae-Ruay, we use the best possible resource to manufacture our snacks. Hence, our snacks are not only delicious, but they are also made healthy and natural.




Our peanuts originated from two places:

1) Sakon Agriculture Company and domestic traders
Sakonnakhon Mae-Ruay Agriculture Co Ltd cooperated with Khonkaen University in researching peanut breeds to distribute to farmers for planting, which we then buy back from the farmers at a fair price. Today, there are 100 villages involved in this program. We plant and grow peanut seeds the natural way, using bio-fertilizer, with no usage of chemicals. Our products have gained international acceptance in over 50 countries.

2) Production & Resource
Tangshan Runze Cereal Oils and Foodstuffs Co Ltd is the center for resource distribution for Koh-Kae products. It’s located in Tangshan city, 180 kilometers north of Bejing. Our agents act as middlemen in gathering resources from Tangshan city and nearby areas in Tianjin and Shandong provinces. Tangshan Runze also chooses quality seeds to deliver to Mae-Ruay factory for production.

Control of our peanuts
Our peanuts go through a strict quality control system starting from

  • Metal detector to check for any metal residues
  • Color detector to separate the bad peanuts
  • Texture detector to separate peanuts that contain rock, dirt or sand residues, or those that have been bitten by insects
  • Aflatoxin detector
  • Then the peanuts will be selected by a team of 100 inspectors, three times.

Aflatoxin quality control

  • Installing of Aflatoxin detector during quality control process
  • Ever peanuts lot will be checked for Aflatoxin. The Company is the first and only to have its own Thin Layer Chomotography technology.
  • eanuts that contain more than 4ppb Aflatoxin will be destroyed.

Peanuts Storage
The peanut resource is refrigerated and stored in 2,100 square meters of refrigerator space; maximum storage up to 2,500 tons. Temperature is controlled between 0-10C; humidity no higher than 75%. FIFO controls the flow of resource within a six-month period. Our warehouse has maximum storage up to 4,000 boxes

For quality control of storage, we have a four-step quality control procedure, three run by machines – all of which monitored closely by our quality control experts.

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About Us
  Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Co Ltd is Thailand’s leading manufacturer of peanut snacks.
Market share
  Koh-Kae is a premier brand name in the Thai snacks market.
Quality control
  Our technology and quality control work system is the best available and has been accredited by the most prestigious certifications.
Our commitment
  Striving for excellence is our goal.
Our peanuts
  At Mae-Ruay, we use the best possible peanuts to manufacture our snacks.